Plan Your Garden

While our unseasonably warm February has made for some amazing weather, it has also awakened our senses to the coming Spring, planning our gardens and starting our seeds. Take advantage these final winter days to carefully plan what, how much, where and when to plant in your garden. You’ll avoid future disappointments and problems while enjoying bountiful harvests from your garden.

All you need is a pencil and paper, but many people also like new computer applications that build beds using square foot gardening and other techniques. 

Whatever garden varieties you choose, start by sketching out exactly where you are going to plant each vegetable and herb. Be very careful about the vegetables you select for your summer garden. Choose those that are good companions and avoid those that are nasty neighbors. Be bold in your selection of seeds and plants that you will be growing your garden – avoid the run-of-the-mill varieties and opt for rare seeds that you won’t find in your average display cases. These unique sights and tastes will astound your senses - it's the same process we used in selecting plants for our garden menu. As long as you lay out your garden, remember that taller plants will shade shorter ones. This means that corn, pole beans, staked tomatoes and other tall plants should be on the north or northeast side of your garden.

Lastly, take a look outside and get to know your soil. Grab a handful - does it feel soft, fluffy? Is it tough or gritty? What color is it? Is it a tan colored clay or a deep earthy chocolate? Do yourself a favor and add a few inches of dark organic matter from well-aged compost to your soil – especially if your soil is a tan hardened clay. The organic matter in your soil is the catalyst for the growth, nutrient density and overall yields from your plants.  Our soils average a whopping 17% organic matter! Soil health is plant health. Make your soil your priority.

Our greenhouse is nearly full and we have more to start in the weeks ahead. Start some of your own seeds, buy plants from us, and get excited for spring planting!