Raised Bed Frames

My Garden To Table builds and installs 18 inch tall raised garden beds because they are functional, attractive and great for growing small plots of vegetables, flowers and herbs.

The height helps keep out weeds from your garden soil, provides excellent drainage and serves as a barrier to problematic snails and slugs. The sides of the beds keep our valuable compost and soil mix from eroding during heavy rainfalls. Growers are also able to plant earlier in the season as the soil warms faster extending the growing season.

Our raised garden beds also reduce back strain when bending over to work the garden bed. This is helpful and important to gardeners who may suffer from stained backs. And since our beds are sturdy, a gardener can comfortably sit on the edge of the bed while weeding, and that for many gardeners may be the best benefit of all.

Our raised garden beds are hand crafted from 5/4" thick premium red or clear cedar boards. Each edge is beautifully finished with cedar trim pieces to create an elegant finished look. Interior bracing adds significant support to prevent warping over time. Each frame is assembled on site at our customers' ideal locations. Once situated, our beds create an additional beautiful and formal, outdoor living and growing space unique to your property.

If you need help bringing your garden back to life, are inspired to create a beautiful vegetable garden or have questions or ideas, contact us. We'll help bring your vision to life.