Family Gardening Made Easy



How Does Your Garden Grow ?

If you've tried growing a vegetable garden and been disappointed with the results, we can help. Let's talk.

Our service helps families who want to have a vegetable garden but simply lack the time to start and maintain a home garden. We are committed to giving everyone an opportunity to grow healthy food naturally. My Garden to Table offers families the assistance they need to enjoy the healthy benefits and pleasure of having their own organic fruit and vegetable gardens at home. We're growers and this is what we do best!

A New Way to CSA

For over 25 years, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has become a popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer. My Garden to Table does one thing different. We bring the farm to you in your backyard by building beautifully attractive raised vegetable bed gardens. We complement your CSA, and the benefits are many:

  • Eat the freshest organic nutrient-dense vegetables bursting with flavor and nutrients
  • Discover rare heirloom vegetables in a variety of colors, shapes and patterns that delight the senses
  • Find new ways to grow organically without the use of chemicals and work with nature
  • Learn new ways of cooking with your vegetables and pairing each for outstanding meals
  • Find that children actually favor vegetables they've never been known to eat - like kale and swiss chard!
  • Have the convenience of vegetables that are footsteps away
  • Receive the payback and long-term value of growing your own - way less than Whole Foods and  better return than traditional CSAs
  • Share good quality time with your family

The Financial Value

Our premium raised beds and soils are built to last and provide an outstanding financial investment beyond one's good health. Here's how:

  • An average garden bed (4'W x 8'L x 18"D) is priced at $900.00. The price for like-kind quality materials (OMRI listed & Organic Certified) would retail for about $1100.00
  • AND then there is the TIME & LABOR required to research and source the proper materials. Then even more hours spent doing the physical work of  loading, fabricating, spreading, growing and planting. 
  • Our products are considered an investment that lasts approximately 10 years.
  • In addition there is an annual payback. The average market value across all our garden bed varieties is conservatively $500.
  • Forecast spending $150 each following year for new plants and soil amendments

The payback is often just over a year to break even with 57% annual rate of return over ten years generating a gross return of 162%. 

You Cannot Build It for Less

Take advantage of our scale. We grow using certified organic products from seed to soil.

You'll spend twice as much in time and money, so let us do the dirty work. You can just eat and enjoy. Call or email us today.


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