Our Mission


Why Our Work Matters

My Garden to Table empowers and enables customers to practice healthy sustainable eating doing good for themselves, their communities and the world at-large. We make the local food, organic, farm to table, and gardening movements work with today's busy lifestyles. Beyond the logic of carbon credits and climate change lies the emotional connection with nature in growing one’s food. From childhood through parenting and our golden years, gardening is a magical act of co-creation and wonder for the senses.

Today's Challenges

The challenge for moms and dads is not the will, but rather the ease for which to grow and eat organically. Knowing where to source rare heirloom seeds and plants, organic soils, and fine sustainable wood is a barrier as is the skill for which to build, grow, and maintain one’s garden bed. These are overcome with the one element that the marketplace lacks – time.

My Garden to Table provides the expertise, access, materials and maintenance that makes participation in the organic home-grown sustainability movement accessible, fast and easy.

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Our Story


We Do the Dirty Work for You.



We do the dirty work building and installing our heirloom vegetable and berry gardens for health and environmentally conscious consumers who support the organic, local food and farm to table movements. We even provide ongoing garden maintenance if you'd like an extra set of helping hands.

My Garden to Table is Pennsylvania's provider of premium heirloom raised bed vegetable and berry gardens where we design, build, plant and maintain vegetable gardens for busy families and those in need of assistance.

We use only certified sustainable materials and organic non-GMO fruits, vegetables, soil amendments and pest control from Pennsylvania.

Each of our garden designs produces a unique and nutrient rich garden bounty harvested from your own backyard!


Who We Are

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When Jason was a young boy, his favorite place was Round Hill Farm near his home in Western Pennsylvania. As an adult, he and his wife shared a dream of owning a farm and growing their own organic food with a focus on sustainable living. Their shared dream became reality when they made the move from the Main Line to own and operate their very own integrated farm, Four Sisters Farm, in rural Chester County.

Their experiences together as a family growing on the farm brought wonderful  joy and good health to themselves, friends, family and neighbors sharing the bounty of organic vegetables and fruits.

Some of Brant’s notable childhood memories are his family’s trips back to his Grandparent’s farm in Vineland, Ontario. Those weeks on the farm were spent mostly playing in the orchards and vineyards and at times also helping pick and pack fruit for tractors departing to the markets. 

Over time, that experience forged an appreciation of those days and so it was no surprise how much he valued Jason’s life on a farm in Chester County and the impact it will have with his children.

And it begged to question how other families could share with their children similar “hands on and home grown” memories and experiences without having to move to a farm.

So Brant proposed a venture with Jason to set out to build a platform of services and products that make it easier for busy families to enjoy growing food in their own back yards so they too can experience the value of “hands on and home grown” with their families.