We Do the Dirty Work

Installation and Ongoing Maintenance - Helping You Enjoy Successful Garden Harvests

Professional Installation

From planning to leveling, framing, filling and planting, we do it all faster using our trained professionals and farmers. We've been doing this for years and we'd like to build your gardens for you too.

We've carefully selected heirloom varieties known for high yields, bright colors, intense flavors and disease resistance. Our selections appeal to the senses setting your garden apart from mass-produced varieties at retailers and garden centers.

What makes My Garden to Table truly unique is our commitment to your growing success. 

Weekly Ongoing Maintenance Program

Many families just need helping getting started, and installing the beds is all that is needed to spur your family to grow.  For others who lack time or physical ability, we offer ongoing weekly maintenance throughout the growing season including watering, weeding, pruning, staking, training and feeding. You pick, eat and enjoy.

Our pest and disease inspection, organic management and mitigation are critical components to good health - for your plants, soil and you.

Our newsletters, blog and social media posts help amateurs and experts alike with timely tips and reminders for good gardening habits.

Organic and Sustainability from the Ground Up

We start by selecting only the best organic varieties and materials for all our vegetables gardens.

Our soils contain a blend of compost, pine bark, coconut coir, and worm castings. It works great in raised beds adding vital organic matter to enhance the root zone and helps retain moisture around plant roots. The soil is certified organic by the Organics Materials Review Institute (OMRI)

For soil amendments and pest control we use Fertrell, the oldest producer of organic fertilizers in the United States, here in Pennsylvania Dutch country. Their reputation for quality and service is second to none. 

We select premium grade cedar woods that are sustainably harvested from local sawmills and lumberyards.


Locally Sourced and Supplied 

We believe that local business is the growth engine that powers our communities. Not only do we keep monies in our hometowns, providing jobs, but we're also reducing our carbon footprint by using materials right in our own backyard. Protecting our environment and human health is our priority.

We start all our vegetables in greenhouses and high tunnels locally here in Chester County at Four Sisters Farm and other local family farms and source all our materials locally.

The challenges of organic production serve as stimulation for  growth. Dedicated employees are the key to our growth.



Raised Bed Gardens

Our Services

My Garden to Table provides premium raised bed gardens in 4x8 and 4x4 units arranged and installed in simple, thoughtful, creative designs complete with heirloom plants, premium soils with maintenance and care services. My Garden to Table’s menu of unique themed gardens are culturally historic, relatable and distinguished by organic rare heirloom plants not found in retail markets.

Here in the Delaware Valley, our soils are among the world's richest and most productive. Through the course of suburban development, topsoil is lost and clay soil has become compacted with poor drainage limiting growth of vegetables for homeowners. Raised bed gardens address this limitation with numerous benefits.

Why Raised Beds Matter

  • Premium organic soil allowing for adequate drainage, nutrient uptake and production

  • Above ground height warms the soil more quickly

  • Manageable by one person with small space and tool requirements
  • Height deters weeds and other invasive pests
  • High yields per square foot
  • Cost effective versus market prices from large retailers and specialty markets
  • Eliminates foot traffic compaction
  • Limits bending one’s back over